CGN is an ERC 20 token with clear and simple utilisation in the economy of our product and offer. As SIMPLICITY is one of our key pillars of our strategy we have stayed away from all mathematical complexity in designing the tokenomics because we believe that everyone should be able to become a CGN holder and understand its utilisation and mechanics.

Token Utility

CGN token will be used in platform operations, as collateral and also to reward our platform users in the folowing scenarios:

1. All GAIN POOL providers depositing capital in the GAIN POOL will receive proportional CGN tokens with the amount provided. The amount could be increased during special platform promos

2. CGN token will also be provided as a reward for successful referrals, as in the beginning the platform will only be accessible via invite only based on referrals.

3. First users starting a contract on the platform will also get CGN tokens based on an algorithm that will decrease in half the reward for every new 100 customers

Total supply of the CGN token is 100,000,000 distributed as follows: