Gain is the name
of the game

CHAINGAIN is the first DeFi platform that allows users to rent capital with only 15% collateral, to create loans or borrow based on their own terms. We allow lenders to activate the force of passive incomes and transform them into revenue stream by simply putting assets to work and keeping them completely secure in the same time.

DeFi 2.0 starts here

Gain was never easier.
Boost your investments now!


Access Capital and invest with only 15% collateral.Participate in Rental Pool and earn daily rental fees.

No pain, just Gain!

First product to overcome collateral barrier!


You can be the bank and use your capital, set your loan terms and find a peer borrower.Keep your collateral and access liquidity at your own terms.

Low rates, high Gains!

First DeFi matcher


  • Define how much you need and the rental period. 1
  • Deposit only 15% of capital 2
  • Invest with a high leverage and generate profit 3
  • Pay rental fee and return capital 4

Now you can!


  • Deposit capital in a safe rental pool, your capital stays within a safe echo system.1
  • Earn every day rental Fees and CGN Tokens. Your capital generates income from Day 1.2
  • Get capital back with guaranteed gains! 3

No pain, just Gain!


  • Get a Metamask wallet 1
  • Transform your fiat into crypto 2
  • Get some CGN to use our platform 3
  • Create a Chaingain account 4
  • Create your lending offer 5
  • Offer is matched by a borrower 6
  • Receive payments 7

No pain, just Gain!

P2P lending alternative
Secure lending
Deposit & interest guaranteed


  • Get a Metamask wallet 1
  • Transform fiat into crypto collateral 2
  • Get some CGN to use our platform 3
  • Create a Chaingain account 4
  • Create your borrowing offer or sign existing 5
  • Offer is matched by a lender and loan starts 6
  • Repay loan while your crypto appreciates 7

Low rates, high Gains!

Lower rates than traditional banks
Risk diversification
Low LVRs


Trigger a chain reaction of financial gain

Ability to use long hold crypto tokens to produce liquid funds for growth, development and or personal reasons.
Access to higher returns. Peer-to-peer loans are fast and convenient for both parties. You have the liberty to decide what terms are covenant on the loan.

You only interact with the ChainGain Platform. No central authority. No paperwork.



The smart contract is transparent and independent of any authority once it is signed. The smart contract liquidation mechanism assures the lender always gets his money back.

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Meet the team

Steven Davies


I firmly believe in the revolution of tech and know how this will impact our lives. I have passionately invested the last half a decade in gaining parts of our freedom back – by removing the reliability on those whose interest is not in us.

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Provides prices exchange rates through ensuring correct exchange price and value of any currency which is used to monitor the Collateral to Loan Value.

Provides the availability and trade of CGN tokens through lending pools - Team will provide first liquidity. Provides exchange of currencies when loan gets liquidated transforming the collateral into lender’s initial currency.

You simply create your wallet to start gaining on your terms.

Genesis Pool (GPool) is acommunity focused decentralized launchpad that has been developed to allowretail investors the ability to participate in projects raising finance throughits platform. Designed to offer a seamless user experience, Genesis Pool offersinvestors just one investment tier and the chance to get guaranteed allocationsonce whitelisted. It also has a unique single sided multi token staking pooland a loyalty pass for all investors.